Research Grants Associated with the CMSC

Prof. Gilad Lifschytz:
ISF 2013-2017 total 800,000 NIS, “Reconstructing the bulk from the boundary in gauge/gravity duality”.
GIF 2013-2016 total 200,000 euro, “Holographic low energy physics”, with O. Bergman, A. Yarom, J. Erdmenger and M. Haack.

Dr. Anna Melnikov:
ISF 2010-2014 195,000  NIS per year, “Connections between Lie representation theory and symplectic geometry”, with A. Joseph.

Prof. Yair Censor:
BSF 2014-2018 184,000  USD in total, “Computational Tools for Real-time Adaptive Particle Therapy”, with Reinhard Schulte and Keith Schubert.