About Us

The Center for Mathematics and Scientific Computation (CMSC) at the University of Haifa was first proposed on March 13, 2001. After deliberations in the Scientific Council of the Research Authority and after receiving approval from the Senate of the University, it obtained final approval to operate from the Executive Committee of the Board of Governors of the University on May 14, 2002. Its proposer, Prof. Yair Censor from the Department of Mathematics, currently heads it. The members of its leading team are currently Prof. Jonathan Arazy, Prof. David Blanc, Prof. Yair Censor, Prof. Doron Chelouche, Prof. Toufik Mansour, Prof. Kobi Peterzil, Prof. Shlomo Reisner and Dr. Ami Viselter.

The CMSC does not have a stable funding source for its activities. The individual research grants controlled by researchers affiliated with the center are intended for the specific research projects for which they have been received.


To reach the CMSC please contact its current Head, Prof. Yair Censor, by clicking here.